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Faulkner MNA Scavenger Hunt

Faulkner MNA Scavenger Hunt

Use the MNA website to answer the following questions below. The winner of the scavenger hunt will win a pair of tickets to a Boston Red Sox game.

See postings around the hospital for details.

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Answer the following questions by entering the correct letter to the corresponding answer:

Questions:   Answers:
  1. How much are you entitled to for tuition reimbursement/educational costs?
  2. What is workplace violence defined as?
  3. What are your rights if you are assaulted?
  4. How does the tuition loan program work for a new nurse?
  5. What is the procedure for job posting?
  6. What is a nurse who is on call entitled to?
  7. What is the earned time accrual formula when initially employed?
  8. How does shift cancellation work and when do you get two hours pay?
  9. List three steps in a grievance procedure
  10. What are you entitled to under Faulkner Hospital’s partnership program?



A. Guaranteed 3 hours of work at time and one half base rate

B. When cancelled 2 hours prior to shift will receive 2 hours of pay

C. Upon employment 0.12692 x number of hours worked in a week – hours of earned time accrued

D. Personal pregnancy military and educational

E. Nurse will be paid up to $3000.00 for purpose of repayment of loans for initial R.N. Educational degree. Nurse will be paid up to an additional $3000.00 for second year employed.

F. Definition as but not limited to physical assaults, sexual assaults and verbal and non-verbal intimidations by or from anyone against a nurse on hospital property.

G. The hospital will provide appropriate confidential medical and psychological services upon request.

H. The second Monday of every month at the Faulkner at 2:00 pm and the second Wednesday at 6:30pm of every month.

I. Years of service:

  • < 2 years – 0%
  • 2-9 years – 3%
  • 10 – 20 years – 4%
  • >20 years – 5%

J. Eligible nurses will be reimbursed up to $2,000 for tuition per calendar year. Employees…shall be eligible to receive up to $100 per contract year in reimbursement for costs associated with attendance at educational meetings.


Short-Answer Questions – Answers can be found in your contract!

1.) Where is the main MNA bulletin board located and name one thing that is posted on it?

2.) Does seniority continue to accumulate while you are on a leave of absence or while on a layoff?

3.) What constitutes overtime?

4.) How far in advance must a nurse request an arranged absence, from his or her supervisor?

5.) How old do you need to be to participate in the Retiree Medical Savings program?

6.) How much before the time block do schedules have to be out?

7.) How many years of seniority are required to exempt a nurse from rotation?

8.) If you are an unpaid leave of absence do you continue to accrue earned time?

9.) What day of the month is the MNA/Faulkner labor management meeting held?

10.) What is the minimum number of shifts a per diem nurse is required to work in a calendar year?