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Imagine the hospital ward of the future


Imagine the hospital ward of the future

April 8, 2011

RE “STRIKE won’t cure what ails hospitals’’ (Op-ed, March 31): Imagine these innovations in health care: “Welcome to our hospital. My name is Florence, and I am your nurse today. I always have time for you. Let me make sure you are on my computer. Very good. Now, I need to check on five other customers. But don’t worry, I’ll have one of our cooperative, unlicensed team members take your vital signs to make you feel as special as you are. They have plenty of time to spend with you, too. When they are finished making other customers comfortable, they will be with you shortly.

“In the meantime, I will focus this video camera on you so that we can keep an eye on you while I attend to your needs from the front desk as I take care of some paperwork concerning your important self. If you have immediate needs, please feel free to let the other team members know, and they will send me a text message via our cutting-edge communication network. Again, my name is Florence.

“When we discharge you, please remember to fill out the satisfaction survey. Pay special attention to the question that asks if we had time for you.’’

Jane Perkins

Yarmouth Port

The writer is a registered nurse with the Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod.

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