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Contract ratifications: highlights and updates

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
February/March 2011 Edition

Jordan Hospital. In February, the nurses at Jordan Hospital in Plymouth ratified a one-year agreement that adds a new half-step to the top of the scale and adopts a new health insurance plan. The contract will expire on Feb. 26, 2012.

MetroWest Medical Center. Nurses at Natick-based MetroWest Medical Center recently ratified a two-year contract that includes two half-steps at the top of the scale and new language specific to filling vacant shifts and workplace violence prevention. The contract expires Dec. 31, 2011.

Tobey Hospital. The nurses at Tobey Hospital in Wareham ratified a two-year contract on Feb. 2. The agreement includes an economic reopener during the contract’s second year.

Visiting Nurses Association of Boston. The nurses recently ratified a one-year contract that includes language protecting the unit’s Baylor program. A new 2 percent step was added to the top of the scale, and improvements were made to the nurses’ sick time language. The bargaining unit also agreed to pilot a new caseload management tool that includes guidelines. Under the pilot program, different categories of patients (i.e., re-visits, new admissions, etc.) will be assigned a “unit value,” with the nurses’ caseloads not to exceed a given number of units per week. It is the hope that this approach will allow nurses to provide their patients with top-notch clinical care while still having time to complete all related administrative tasks within the framework of a regular workday. The committee will pay close attention to how the pilot program is working and will discuss it regularly at its labor management meetings.

Merrimack Valley Hospital: The MNA members at Merrimack Valley Hospital recently ratified a new two-year contract that includes both RIF language and successor language, two very important details for which the nurses fought long and hard. Both new pieces of contract language were settled right in time, as Steward Health Care will become the new owner and operator next month.