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Join the “Protecting the Rights of Workers Rally” in NH on Feb. 26th

Saturday, February 26 • 11:00am – 2:00pm
Me and Ollie’s Cafe, at Market Square
10 Pleasant St.
Portsmouth, NH 038

The State Federation of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, Central Labor Council’s, Public Sector Employees’ Unions & Various Community Allies (including the MNA/NNU) are holding a rally. There will be speakers from the Wisconsin Firefighters and Teachers Unions. The message we hope to convey is one of solidarity with the Wisconsin workers, as well as a condemnation of the assaultive legislation facing New Hampshire’s working class. Please be there and bring your family. We need full participation from our New Hampshire residents. Hope to see you there!

was started yesterday by NH Citizens Alliance. It has commentary by individuals, announcements of meet ups, rallies, events. It is a great organizing tool. Please share on your facebook page. NH people like this and the number grows. 12 hours ago there were 800 and now it’s 1807. There is an Invest in America Speak Out in Dover at Sen. Shaheen’s office on Thursday and on Saturday at Me and Ollies in Portsmouth there is a meet up to talk about protecting middle class working families. Share this with your friends on facebook.

NHDP is going to do a facebook training at brown bag lunch this week on Fri in Concord and Strafford County Dems which had an event with the UNH College Dems for facebook training is going to do a repeat soon.