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Be Heard in Massachusetts Politics!

Every year Democrats around the state gather locally to elect delegates to their State Convention to conduct the Party’s business. Republicans elect delegates every other year, and do not do so in 2011. In odd years, Democratic delegates discuss and vote on the party’s platform. The platform represents the issues most important to the party and is a reflection of the delegates’ values. In even years, in addition to the platform, both parties endorse and give ballot recognition to candidates for statewide office at their respective conventions.

This year is an “issues” convention for the Democratic Party and will be held on June 4th. To weigh in, attend your local caucus and vote for a candidate who reflects your values as Registered Nurse, or, better yet, run yourself! To see the schedule of caucuses click here:

There is no Republican convention in off years so those interested in those caucuses should look for caucus dates to come out next winter for the 2012 convention.