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Labor-Management Meeting summary

Jordan Hospital Labor-Management Meeting 1/4/11

Present: MNA: Joanne Murphy, Kathy Moody, Carolyn Fahey, Deb Gonslaves, Evie Pomella, Roz Feldberg

Hospital: Donna Doherty, Ruth McNaughton, Beth York, Diane Kemp, Maureen Moroney, Melissa Kilman, Deb Ciavola, Christine Klucznik

There was a discussion about staffing—-nothing conclusive—-that was related to an issue of mandation on Christmas Day. If a supervisor or a manager tells you that “one of you has to stay”, ask if she is mandating one of you to stay. This is important, even if she leaves the decision of which nurse stays to the nurses.

There is a new position posted in case management: Clinical Denials and Appeals Coordinator. This is a new type of job. It is an MNA position. Ruth McNaughton, the director of case management, said her department is growing. There are two new 40-hour positions posted, requiring experience, not trainable. Current staff are picking up extra hours to help in the meantime. She reports that new computer system is going well and that the nurses like it now.

We followed-up on a question re: how does taking reserve time affect nurses’ benefits (ET accrual and FMLA eligibility). Jim Canavan will get back to us—-he was not at the meeting.

Senior Behavioral Health Care voted to remain a closed unit. Diane Kemp and Jim Canavan will propose a definition.

Follow- up on chemotherapy on weekends and holidays: Most recently, one of the infusion nurses when to Oncology on Friday to meet the patient who would receive chemo on Saturday. This will be the preferred approach. When the infusion nurses don’t have time to go to Oncology and meet the patient in advance, the nurses will use SBAR for communication. Training in the giving of chemo continues.

Carolyn Fahey from the Committee asked, “‘who was the supervisor on duty?” on Christmas Eve day. Apparently there was some confusion as to who was covering what. The managers said they would use better communication next time.

Kathy Moody, Carolyn and others said they were pleased the hospital hired Jane Cruikshank as the Director of Surgical Services.