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Important information from the Board of Nursing AND a warning for APRNs from MNA

Please note the following:

1. A reminder and warning: At the BORN’s monthly meeting this week, two APRNs were disciplined with the suspension of their licenses to practice for a year because the APRNs had written prescriptions for each other “in the absence of having the required provider-patient relationships” according to the board. This may be perceived as extremely harsh, but these two nurses have to manage the consequences. As a reminder, every nurse should have his/her own nursing practice liability insurance coverage. NSO is a preferred provider for MNA. Go to

MNA staff routinely attend and monitor BORN discussions and the public is welcome– 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you are interested contact Mary Crotty for more information about where to go etc.

2. The attached memo from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing provides details about new regulations effective January 1, 2011 which will require all APRN prescribers, upon initial application for MA Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR) and subsequently during each APRN license renewal period, to complete education relative to:
(a) effective pain management,
(b) identification of patients at high risk for substance abuse, and
(c) counseling patients about the side effects, addictive nature and proper storage and disposal of prescription medications.

The new regs do not specify a minimum number of contact hours for compliance.