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Gloucester Times: Hospital workers rip buyout for Laverty

By Patrick Anderson
Staff Writer

After seeing dozens of colleagues laid off in the past two weeks, nurses at Addison Gilbert and Beverly hospitals responded with outrage Thursday to news that their unpopular former CEO, Stephen Laverty, resigned under pressure with a million dollar payout.

"I am perplexed at how they can lay off nurses who are doing good work and then give him a million dollars," Jeanine Burns, an emergency room nurse at Addison Gilbert and nurse’s union officer told the Times Thursday. "Nurses were told their layoffs were meant to allow AGH to survive. It doesn’t make any sense."

"We take care of the people in these communities and we want to focus on patient care and then we hear about this," said Beverly Hospital emergency room nurse Britain Thames. "It is embarrassing and shameful and morale suffers. It just gives one more reason to think they have a different mission then we have."