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Worcester public school RNs meet with school committee members

From left, Nicole Kazarian RN, Tami Hale RN, school committee member John Monfredo and Mary Jennette RN.

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
June 2010 Edition

Worcester public school nurses held a highly successful “meet and greet” with members of the Worcester School Committee last month. Committee members John Monfredo, Tracy O’Connell Novick and Dianna Biancheria attended as did school nurses Tami Hale, Nicole Kazarian, Cathy Watterson, Karen Lajoie, Nancy Quintela and Mary Jennette.

The nurses made a presentation to educate school committee members about the work they do and the services they provide to Worcester children. Following the presentation, committee members expressed their support of the school nurses’ number one goal: to ensure that there is a nurse in every Worcester school for the entire school day. The committee also expressed its desire to do all it can to help our nurses deliver safe, quality care.

The gathering provided a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and open the lines of communication.