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MNA Action Alert!: Assault Bill is on the Governor’s Desk!

Nurses Need to Make Calls Urging Him to Sign It

On Thursday, June 24th, the Massachusetts legislature passed and sent to Governor Deval Patrick HB 1696, An Act Relative to Assault and Battery on Health Care Workers. This bill will increase the penalties for those who assault nurses and other health care workers who are providing care.

We have until Sunday, July 4th to convince Governor Patrick to sign this bill. Please call the Governor TODAY at 617.725.4005. Here’s what you might say:

My name is_______________ and I live in ________________. I am a nurse/health care professional at___________. I am calling about HB 1696, a bill that is on the Governor’s desk and which would increase the penalties for anyone who would assault me while I was providing care. Violence is a growing problem in hospitals and other health care settings, and this bill will help send a message that I am NOT a punching bag! I respectfully ask that the Governor sign HB 1696. Thank you.

Please call today. Thank you!