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Proposal Made on Behalf of MNA To Caritas Carney, Caritas St. Elizabeth’s and Caritas Norwood

The following constitutes a package proposal regarding Paid Time Off and Pension. The provisions are meant to create the same Paid Time Off system at the three hospitals (Carney, Norwood and St. Elizabeth’s). The parties agree that where such change has unintended implications to other provisions of the parties collective bargaining agreements it is not the intent of either party to interpret language in a manner adverse to the employees.

1. No change to current holiday language except for referencing the Paid Time Off (PTO) system in the language as necessary so that it is understood that holiday time is loaded into the PTO bank and deducted from the PTO bank as it is utilized.

2. Remove current Articles regarding Vacation and Sick Time and replace with new Article called Paid Time Off (see below). Renumber remaining articles accordingly.


Section 1. Paid Time Off Accrual Schedule

As soon as is practicable after ratification of the Agreement, all unused vacation, holidays and personal time will be converted to PTO hours. Effective on that conversion date, Paid Time Off is accrued on all hours paid as follows: (accruals are bi-weekly)

Length of
Maximum Hours Accrued
Per Year Based on 2080
Hours Paid
Maximum Days Accrued
Per Year Based on 2080
Hours Paid
0-4 yrs 305 hours 38 days
5-9 yrs 344 hours 43 days
10-17 yrs 384 hours 48 days
18 + yrs  424 hours 53 days


Section 2. Maximum Accrual

A nurse may accrue up to a maximum of 600 hours per year. When a nurse reaches the maximum accrual amount any additional accruals will be placed in the Extended Sick Leave Bank until the nurse’s PTO bank falls below the maximum accrual. If a nurse is pregnant or anticipating being absent for serious medical reasons, exceptions to this maximum accrual may be approved by the Employer. Such approval shall not be unreasonably denied. Requests to accrue PTO over the maximum accumulation where a nurse was not provided with the opportunity to take time off will not be denied.

Section 3. PTO Cash Out

Nurses may cash out up to eighty hours of PTO at any time.

Section 4. Extended Sick Leave Bank

1. Effective on the conversion date, nurses may opt to cash out up to two weeks of sick time. All remaining unused accrued sick time will be placed in an Extended Sick Leave Bank (ESL). The Extended Sick Leave Bank is used only for illnesses and injuries which exceed 3 consecutive days. In the event of an absence qualifying for workers’ compensation, a nurse may use ESL hours from the first day of absence forward. Nurses may supplement their ESL Bank by donating up to forty hours per year to their bank. The Employer shall donate one hour for each hour donated by the nurse to the nurse’s bank.

2. Nurses who are utilizing their Extended Sick Leave Bank shall not be subject to termination until their ESL Bank and all other remaining PTO is exhausted or their approved leave of absence has expired, whichever is later.

3. Pay at Termination

Nurses will be paid 50% of all unused ESL hours upon termination for any reason.

Section 5. Continuance of Accrual

A nurse continues to accrue PTO while he or she is utilizing PTO or ESL Bank hours. Housekeeping: update Continuance of Benefits chart in contract to reflect this.

Section 6. Pay at Termination

Nurses will be paid all unused accrued PTO hours upon termination for any reason.

Section 7. Transition

For the first three months following the conversion to Paid Time Off, nurses who are absent due to personal illness may use ESL days from the first day of absence.

On the conversion date, all of the unused accrued vacation, holidays and personal time that is converted to PTO will be placed in a “grandfathered bank” that is available for use before using newly accrued PTO. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an employee may cash out time either from the “grandfathered bank” or the PTO bank in accordance with Section 3.

On the conversion date, the Hospital will load 40 hours into the ESL Bank of each full-time and regular part-time nurse who has completed his or her probationary period on or before the date of ratification of the parties collective bargaining agreement for the term ______.”

4. Pension.

St Elizabeth’s pension proposal resubmitted.

5. Expiration Dates

Two year contracts for each bargaining unit.


November 1, 2009 – March 1, 2012


January 1, 2010 – March 1, 2012

St. Elizabeth’s:

May 1, 2010 – April 30, 2012

5. Joint Bargaining

The Employer will not object to joint bargaining on certain issues during the next round of negotiations if requested by the MNA.