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From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
April 2010 Edition

Update from BORN for all APRNs

The Board of Registration in Nursing has recently received a significant number of phone calls and inquiries regarding advanced practice registered nurses receiving two “licenses” upon renewal.

In May 2009, the BORN implemented a new verification and renewal system that improved the manner in which it collects data and allowed licensed nurses the option of renewing online. As part of the upgrade, APRNs now receive two wallet-sized documents. When the board authorizes nurses to practice as an APRN, they receive, in addition to a wallet-sized RN license, a second wallet-sized document indicating their designation as an advance practice nurse in the category for which they are authorized.

For more information contact the BORN at 800.414.0168.

NSO increases license protection limits

The NSO recently announced increases to license protection limits and to hourly rates paid to attorneys for disciplinary defense of claims.

NSO and its carrier partner, CNA, are announcing the following:

  • An increase in license protection limits from $10,000 per occurrence/$25,000 aggregate to a single aggregate limit of $25,000 for covered claims.
  • An increase in the hourly rate paid to attorneys from $150 per hour to $200 per hour.
  • These changes affect new NSO policies with an effective date of Nov. 16, 2009 and renewal policies with an effective date of Feb. 1, 2010.