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Urgent need continues for RN volunteers in Haiti

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
March 2010 Edition

Months after the devastating earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands in Haiti, medical help is still needed. The MNA is encouraging Massachusetts RNs to join in the disaster relief effort through the National Nurses Union’s “Registered Nurse Response Network.”

“More than 8,300 registered nurses, including 300 from Massachusetts, have already signed up to go to Haiti,” said Donna Kelly-Williams, MNA president. “More nurses are needed, though. Even more important, money is needed for travel expenses and supplies.”

On-line donation opportunities include: RN Response Network’s fund to send nurses to Haiti:; Partners in Health:; Doctors Without Borders:; OxfamAmerica:

Nurses can volunteer online on the MNA Web site here or by calling the RNRN hotline, 800.578.8225. There is also a link to the MNA’s emergency preparedness volunteer site where you can sign up for communication from the MNA on natural disasters. Contact Mary Crotty at for details. All RNs will need to have a valid passport. They also must have, or be able to quickly get, typhoid and hepatitis A and B vaccinations as well as malaria pills.