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With help from the MNA, Joe O’Brien elected mayor of Worcester

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
January/February 2010 Edition

MNA support: From left, Jane Leidel, Tami Hale, Marie Ritacco, Susan
Morris-Smith, Joe O’Brien, Nicole Kazarian (with Anaheed Khalili in front), Ellen Smith, Lynne Starbard, Susan Mulcahy and Denise Khalili.

MNA-endorsed candidate Joe O’Brien won the Worcester mayor’s seat in a landslide victory in November. Region 2 members were pleased as they worked hard on his campaign. O’Brien is no stranger to the MNA. He’s a former Worcester School Committee member, was the manager of Lt. Governor Tim Murray’s state-wide race, and is the district director for our good friend Congressman Jim McGovern.

The mayor of Worcester is the chairperson of the City Council and the School Committee. In Worcester, the MNA represents nurses at all three medical centers, the Worcester Public School nurses, the Worcester Public Health nurses, and the nurses and health professionals at Worcester State Hospital. The decision to endorse Joe was an easy one. In our interview with him he clearly articulated that he understands and supports MNA’s priorities at the municipal level. Joe understands the work and challenges of Worcester Public School and Worcester Public Health nurses and supports us. He pledged to help our nurses if and when private sector negotiations become impossible. Joe knows that when the MNA reaches out to elected officials for help with difficult employers, it’s because we’ve exhausted all other options. He will be our ally when we need him. That’s why Region 2 members worked as hard as they did on his campaign. They made calls to the 711 members who live in Worcester to encourage them to vote for Joe. They made sure that Worcester MNA members received notice in the mail about the endorsement and that they got a call to remind them to vote on November 3.

Thanks to the voters and to the hard work of our members, Worcester now has a Mayor who will listen to and work with MNA members. Congratulations to all the Region 2 members who worked so hard on this campaign.