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Wilmington school RN honored by MSNO

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
November/December 2009 Edition

On Oct. 31, Sue Rowe—a longtime MNA member, Wilmington school nurse and former bargaining unit chairperson—was honored, in abstentia, by the Massachusetts School Nurses Organization at its fall conference where she was named winner of the prestigious “Bill Doran Award.”

According to Joanne Benton, the superintendent of schools in Wilmington, Rowe “is a professional who works behind the scenes to help anyone in need. She consistently performs at the highest level of professionalism and one of her most extraordinary strengths is her incredible empathy. She understands the challenges that face our students and she coordinates all kinds of projects.”

A nurse colleague of Rowe’s added that she “recognizes the significant increase in the number of students diagnosed with mental health issues and she has made a point of accommodating those students in a very private, safe and supportive manner.”

Rowe also helps faculty and staff with their medical concerns, is the advisor to the Medical Careers Club and is the creator of a collaborative program between the high school and the town senior citizen center. She also sits on numerous high school committees and the Bread and Roses food drive committee.