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President’s Column: Let us begin the work that needs to be done

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
November/December 2009 Edition

President’s Column
By Donna Kelly-Williams

This is my first column as the newly elected president of the MNA, an organization I have belonged to and cherished for more than 30 years. First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the membership, not only for electing me to this honorable position but, more importantly, for being the backbone of one of the most powerful organizations in the state, and, as a result of our recent vote at convention, one of the most influential nursing organizations in the nation.

I am excited to begin the work of my presidency on your behalf because this is truly your organization and I am here—along with the board of directors—to serve your interests and to address your needs, be they on the bargaining unit level, the legislative level, the clinical practice level or the health and safety level. And, of course, the MNA’s additional expertise in organizing and communications will come into play every time the Board and I work on your behalf at any of those levels.

We ALL make up the MNA; we are all fighting for the same thing. No matter what differences we might have on specific issues, we are united in wanting what is best for the profession of nursing. Like you, I love being a nurse and I am committed heart and soul to utilizing the MNA’s resources to make sure that you have the tools, the resources, the education and the power to improve your practice and protect your patients.

These are tough times for everyone, and for nurses and health professionals in particular. But the MNA, through its collective will and collective action are more than strong enough to weather these tough times.

As your president, I am committed to reaching out to you, the members, in any way possible. Since taking office, I have been attending as many MNA programs as possible to introduce myself and to talk to members about what they think, what they need, and what they are willing and able to do in order to help us fulfill our mission. I am also ready and willing to talk to any member—one on one—about the issues they find most urgent and important.

I urge you to contact me. I want to hear from you. My cell phone is 781.363.2745. My e-mail address is

When we talk, I will listen and I will do my best to help. But please realize that I will also offer you a challenge, and that challenge may be in the form of any number of important questions: What have you done or what can you do to help us achieve the goals of our profession and/or for your bargaining unit? Have you read your copies of the Massachusetts Nurse? Have you been to our Web site, Do you attend your local bargaining unit meetings? Have you called your legislators or other public officials about an issue or concern?

Because to paraphrase President Kennedy, ask not what the MNA has done for you, but ask what we can all due through the MNA to make nursing better. I for one am committed to working with you and for you to that end. Let us begin…