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NNU Announces Their Birth with Rally for RN Rights

From Scrubs Magazine

National Nurses United chose Rose Ann DeMoro as its executive director during its founding convention on Tuesday, then directly headed to the headquarters of the Arizona hospital association to stage its first political event.

According to the official NNU press release:

“To help announce the arrival of the NNU, delegates to the founding convention rallied and picketed outside the Phoenix offices of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association Tuesday. They emphasized that nurses would step up efforts to challenge hospital industry attacks on nurses rights, economic and workplace standards, patient care conditions, opposition to ratios and other critical legislation, and work to pass the Employee Free Choice Act to enhance the ability of nurses and other working people to form unions.”

Some of the key components of the initial NNU agenda include:

  • Defending and advancing the interests of direct care RNs and patients
  • Establishing a more influential voice for RNs in Washington and passing key patient care reforms, such as national nurse to patient ratios
  • Building stronger international ties with nurses around the world