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Executive Compensation – Who Gets What

Children’s Hospital

16 top executives & doctors have expense accounts in the thousands of dollars – some as high as $38,000. A hospital spokeswoman told NewsCenter 5 those are reimbursements for medical, fitness and relocation expenses.This same group also gets substantial bonuses, most are high five-figures. Four executives get six-figure bonuses, including CEO James Mandell who earned a $443,000 bonus in 2008 on top of his $1.1 million salary.In a statement in response to Team 5 Investigates questions, a spokeswoman implied that its filing disclosed more “fringe benefits” because, “In an effort to be wholly transparent and accurate, Children’s Hospital Boston and our external tax advisor adhere to the IRS’s “Specific Instructions for Form 990” … We have no specific knowledge about other hospitals’ reporting practices.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

In early 2009 BIDMC was facing a reported $20 million budget shortfall, with threats that as many as 600 employees might lose their jobs. The vast majority of those were avoided through donations and collaborative cost-cutting ideas, resulting in 70 layoffs, according to a hospital spokesperson.According to the hospital’s 2008 financial filing with the state, all but three of the top 35 executives and department heads earned significant five-and-six figure bonuses. CEO Paul Levy earned a $1 million salary which included a $231,000 performance-based bonus.

Boston Medical Center

Outgoing CEO Elaine Ullian’s $3.5 million one-time bonus, which was first reported by NewsCenter 5, has drawn criticism. According to the hospital’s 2008 financial filing, the reward was given for “exceptional performance over a period of 15 years.” Yet BMC’s lawsuit against the state for more favorable reimbursement rates remained stalled.

Caritas Christi

Dr. Ralph de la Torre assumed the post of president and CEO of Caritas Christi hospitals in April 2008. The most recent state financial filing shows that he had been paid more than $850,000 in salary and benefits at the time it was submitted.After posting a reported $20 million loss in 2008, the hospital group is projected to be on track to make a $30 million profit in 2009, according to news reports.

Brigham & Women’s Medical Center

The outgoing president of Brigham and Women’s Hospital earned more than $1.6 million in salary and benefits according to the medical center’s most recent financial disclosure. Gary Gottlieb, MD, is set to take the helm of Partners HealthCare System Inc. in 2010.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

The total compensation package earned by DFCI president and CEO Edward Benz, Jr. was the lowest among the big Boston-area academic medical centers whose financial filings were reviewed by Team 5 Investigates.Benz earned $940,850 in salary and benefits in fiscal year 2008, according to documents filed by the hospital. He was one of a handful of hospital executives who received a zero-percent mortgage incentive. Benz received a $600,000 interest-free mortgage loan according to the hospital’s financial disclosure.

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