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Sept 29 09 National Employment Law Study: Only 8% of low wage workers receive benefits they are entitled to

Below is a recent report from the National Employment Law Project you might find useful.

The report “…exposes a world of work in which the core protections that many Americans take for granted—the right to be paid at least the minimum wage, the right to be paid for overtime hours, the right to take meal breaks, access to workers’ compensation when injured, and the right to advocate for better working conditions—are failing significant numbers of workers. The sheer breadth of the problem, spanning key industries in the economy, as well as its profound impact on workers, entailing significant economic hardship, demands urgent attention. “

The report shows among other things that 43% of low wage workers were required to work despite their injuries; 13% were fired for getting injured on the job.

The data was collected in 2008 from a survey of 4,387 workers in low-wage industries in the three largest U.S. cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

National Emp Law Broken Laws Report.pdf

National Emp Law Study Broken Laws.pdf