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Workplace hazards conference looks at safety beyond the salary

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
July/August 2009 Edition

Nearly 150 MNA members and others attended the “2009 Workplace Hazards to Nurses and Other Health Care Workers: Beyond the Salary, Safety at Work” conference held June 4 and 5 in Shrewsbury. The conference helped participants identify the latest research findings related to cause and prevention of work-related injuries in health care settings. Breakout sessions on eight hazardous conditions in the nurses’ work environment were held to help participants initiate prevention strategies to improve the safety of their work environment, helping to provide a positive impact on worker and patient and safety. Conference materials are available on the MNA Web site and a booklet on conference findings is being prepared.

Keynote speaker Susan Wilburn, RN,MPH, the World Health Org.
  Kathy Sperrazza, MNA Congress on Health and Safety member, discusses protection for nurses and others exposed to hazardous drugs with Mary Anne Dillon, also a Congress on Health and Safety member and staff nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
(Photo: Terri Arthur)