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The Proposed New Dues Structure

What to Expect After a "Yes" Vote in October

The goal of the proposed new dues structure that the MNA’s Board of Directors will be putting forward is two-fold:

  1. To fund the MNA’s participation in the new national union should our affiliation be approved by the membership at this October’s annual convention.
  2. To maintain the MNA’s current position as the strongest voice and union for RNs in the Commonwealth.

In proposing this dues change, the Board grappled with the dual reality that MNA members have been presented with an unprecedented moment in nursing history, while understanding that we are also faced with an unprecedented economic climate. The Board crafted and evaluated numerous possible dues structures before deciding on this proposal. The Board believes it strikes a balance between the economic climate we face and the desire to continue a strong local organization while seizing this unique moment in history for the benefit of MNA members.

The dues structure would be all-encompassing—meaning that both the local dues (the MNA dues which include the regional dues) and the national dues (inclusive of the AFL-CIO national dues) would exist as one rate. Members would not need to pay dues for separate union entities.

Proposed Dues Structure

Under the proposal, a member’s monthly dues amount would be based on her/his base hourly rate of pay "times two hours" per month and would feature a minimum and maximum rate. The initial minimum rate effective July 1, 2010 would be the current dues of $65 per month and the maximum rate of $78 per month. The minimum and maximum would be adjusted annually based on the following method. As of January of each year:

  • Minimum dues rate would be based on the average hourly rate for step 1 in all MNA contracts – but not less than the preceding yearly dues.
  • Maximum dues rate would be based on the average hourly rate for step 7 in all MNA contracts – but not less than the preceding yearly rate.
  • The dues would be set at two times the base rate of pay with a minimum cap and a maximum cap based on the formula above which would become effective July of that year. People making below the minimum would be charged the minimum. People making above the maximum would be capped at the maximum. People making some amount in between will be charged the calculated amount.

Based on the multiple potential variations in dues amounts this model would be based on a payroll deduction system. This would require transitioning the MNA away from a Union Direct model where the majority of members pay dues directly to the MNA—to a payroll deduction model where the dues are deducted directly from your paycheck and sent by the employer to the MNA. This will require some administrative structural changes at the MNA but the Board’s assessment was a payroll method will be more palatable to members in achieving these goals.


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