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The objectives of the new national union

The objectives of the new national union, as stated in the proposed constitution, include:

  1. To build a movement to defend and advance the interests of direct care nurses and patients everywhere, in solidarity with sister nurse and allied organizations around the world.
  2. To unite and organize all direct care nurses into a single organization capable of exercising maximum influence over the health care industry, governments and employers.
  3. To win health care justice: accessible, quality health care for all, as a human right.
  4. To provide effective collective bargaining representation to UAN/NNOC members and support to UAN/NNOC affiliates to promote the economic and professional interests of direct care nurses.
  5. To advocate for direct care nurses and patients on all public policy matters related to safe care and nursing practice, including safe nurse-to-patient ratios and patient advocacy rights.

As a founding organization for the new movement, the MNA will play a prominent leadership role under the new constitution—including the opportunity to select one of three presidents to head the new organization. The MNA will also have a vice presidential seat on the organization’s 15-member governing executive council and will be able to send a delegate for each 1,000 members to the organization’s annual national convention.

We have created our National Nurses United page to provide members with the latest information on this new national movement for RNs. It includes links to information on why we need the new national organization and how it came to be. You will also learn more about the proposed changes in MNA dues, information on the upcoming ratification vote, as well as information about the Regional meetings that have been scheduled throughout the state so that members can learn more about these exciting events, and to have their questions answered. Please visit our National Nurses United page often for the latest updates.


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