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New documentary on global bioweapons industry (re to BU biolab) (MC)

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) has aired a new documentary examining the global bioweapons race and investigated how the current boom in "biodefense" spending in the U.S. fits into this picture. This documentary provides vital education to our city officials as they prepare to make Boston a center for the expanded bio-"defense" industry.
"Anthrax Wars" can be seen in its entirety on You Tube. It is divided into seven parts and the links are below. As we think about adding Boston to the list of players in bioweapons research, note that the former head of the South African bioweapons program, which has reported that alot of its anthrax stock went missing, states "you can’t stop senior scientists from smuggling out bioweapons" (at 2:20 in part 4).


This is a brief description of the film prior to a Congressional viewing of the film