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Budget Alert

On Beacon Hill, negotiations are under away as legislators iron out the differences on the final state budget for the next fiscal year, beginning July 1st. Specifically, the Legislature will be making decisions on state employee health insurance and the potential closing of the DMR state facilities.

Legislators are now meeting in a conference committee to decide these issues.

We need your help!
We need you to call your State Representative and State Senator at 617.722.2000 TODAY and urge them to adopt the House language on both of these issues.
To find out who your elected official is go to

When talking to your elected official let them know that:

  • You support the House language that sets the premium share for state workers at 80%/20%. This will be a significant increase in health insurance cost for all state employees. The Senate language is calling for an even higher increase.
  • You support the House language that will protect services for the developmentally disabled by requiring a feasibility study and the consent of the Legislature before closing any of the state’s institutions for persons with developmental disabilities.