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Year after year, tulips will be a reminder of the MNA’s international success

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
May 2009 Edition

Six months after they were brought to Massachusetts from Holland, two stunning clusters of tulips recently bloomed in front of MNA headquarters in Canton. The tulips, which arrived in the commonwealth as bulbs, were planted by Evie Bain (coordinator of the organization’s health and safety division) in celebration of the recent successes of the MNA’s Workplace Violence Task and Abuse Prevention Task Force.

In October, the task force received the honor of “Best Poster Presentation Award” for its submission—“Legal Interventions for Addressing Workplace Violence in the Health Sector”—at the International Workplace Violence Conference in Holland. “Our poster presentation focused on the specifics of how to hold perpetrators of workplace violence accountable for their crimes against nurses and other health care workers,” said Rosemary O-Brien RN, chairperson Workplace Violence Task Force, presenter of the poster along with Terri Arthur and Susan Vickory, MNA health and safety advocates.

More than 20 countries were represented at the conference and a total of 43 posters were presented. “Being recognized in Holland was a great honor for the MNA and for the task force,” said O’Brien. “It reminded us that our work helps health care workers both locally and internationally. And these breathtaking tulips will, year after year, remind us of this fact.”