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Rally: Help Save Worcester’s Public Health Services

Attend a Rally/Visibility Outside City Hall
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.
455 Main St., Worcester, MA

Download Rally Brochure

City Council Hearing on Public Health Cuts to Follow at 6:30 p.m.

The Massachusetts Public Health Association and the Massachusetts Nurses Association, in conjunction with a number of civic, community, labor and health care organizations have launched a broad grassroots campaign opposing the recently announced budget cuts that eliminated virtually all services provided by the city’s public health

Vital Public Health Services Slated for Elimination by These Cuts Include:

  • Surveillance, control and prevention of more than 150 infectious diseases including tuberculosis, hepatitis, salmonella, West Nile Virus and swine flu
  • Immunization clinics to protect vulnerable children and adults, including thousands of free vaccines administered annually to protect against a variety of debilitating diseases
  • Health services and screening for the elderly living at City housing authority sites and the Worcester Senior Center
  • Emergency preparedness and response in the event of natural disasters and/or potential terrorist attacks

Without these services the most vulnerable in our community will suffer and every member of our community will be placed at increased risk for exposure to a host of communicable diseases.

Attend our Rally and Call or email Worcester’s Mayor and City Council Today!

Tell Them to Restore Full Funding for Public Health Today!

Mayor Konstantina B. Lukes

City Council

Philip P. Palmieri

Michael J. Germain

Frederick C. Rushton

Paul P. Clancy

Joseph M. Petty

Kathleen M. (Kate) Toomey

Barbara G. Haller

Gary Rosen

Joffrey A. Smith

William J. Eddy