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Quick Reference Guide to Viewing Your Bargaining Unit on the New MNA Website

Print out a hardcopy of this quick reference guide here.


Go to:

1. Click “Login”

You will need your MNA email address and password to login into the website. You can call MNA Membership Dept. at 781.821.4625 to get this info


This will bring you to a custom page specifically set up for you!

2. Click on “Bargaining Units” on the top left to view all bargaining units


3. Click on the name of your bargaining unit to display your Bargaining Unit Page

View list of all Bargaining Unit Pages. Bargaining Unit Pages who have allowed access to all MNA Members will be underlined. Those units who have chosen to be private will not be accessible from this page.

View your Bargaining Unit page. If your page does not have any information on it, please see Niki Jamieson at 781.830.5791. You can volunteer to play a part in keeping it updated.

Learn how to log into your MNA Webmail