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Employee Free Choice Act filed Yesterday in Washington with 260 co-sponsors

All of your United States Senators and Representatives back Employee Free Choice!

The Employee Free Choice Act was filed in the U.S. House of Representatives today with at least 220 co-sponsors and in the Senate with 40 co-sponsors.

Why is the Bill Needed?

Right now millions of workers around the nation want to form unions to improve their working conditions, restore justice in their workplace and rebuild the middle class. But they are unable to at many workplaces because of employer intimidation, coercion and outright illegal practices aimed at preventing workers from exercising their right to organize. In many cases the only penalty for breaking the law is posting a notice saying the employer won’t do it again. Even if workers do overcome these great odds and organize, employers often continue their anti-worker campaign during contract negotiations in an attempt to bust the union even after the workers have shown a clear preference.

What the Bill does:

  • Puts the choice into the workers hands to hold an election or to organize using majority sign-up (when a majority of cards are signed by workers indicating preference for a union).
  • Puts in place meaningful penalties for employers who violate the law by coercing or firing employers in order to bust a union drive.
  • Gives both employers and employees the ability to ask for a federal mediator to help settle a first contract, and if a contract still cannot be reached, provides for a binding arbitration process so that workers can attain a fair contract in a reasonable period of time.

Call and Thank Your Congressional Delegation!

Below you’ll find a link to find contact info for your U.S. Senators and Representatives. Call them and thank them for their support of this critical legislation and encourage them to champion the cause to their colleagues in other states!

Get Involved!

There is an action in support of the Employee Free Choice Act scheduled for next Thursday, March 19th to call attention to groups spending money to spread misinformation about this legislation. There will be actions midday all around the state. If you would like to participate, or to get involved with the campaign in general, please contact Riley Ohlson at or 781.830.574