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Sickened by healthcare executives’ pay (MS)

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ALL WE have to do is take one look at health insurance executive pay to understand why healthcare in America is not available to all ("Blue Cross CEO’s pay rose 26%," Business, Feb. 28). I had to drop my COBRA plan with Blue Cross last year, and switch to an indemnity plan with less coverage, because the monthly payment would have resembled a mortgage payment. When will politicians understand that healthcare for all is not something you mandate with the threat of a fine, but rather an equitable service administered fairly across the board?

Does Cleve Killingsworth, chief executive of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, really work 50 times harder than I do? I doubt it. I’m holding down three jobs to pay the bills (health insurance being one of the largest), leaving me with still enormous out-of-pocket expenses.

The burden of ballooning healthcare costs is bleeding the American worker dry, and the folks responsible for its excesses are being rewarded to the tune of millions.

Is this America? Perhaps it is time to move back to France.

Jean Dunoyer