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Take Action Now!

 Coalition of Families and Advocate for the Retarded Facts:

  • DMR clients are the state’s MOST vulnerable patients.  These patients are severely challenged.  They need constant care and supervision and need to be close to their resources such as therapists and other health care professionals.
  • There will be NO savings under the Governor’s plan for at least four years, if ever. New spending will be required first. With thousands of people waiting for residential services, and half of all DMR clients living at home with caregivers 60 and over – this is no time for DMR to be closing any facilities!
  • The present institutions are an integrated community for the patients and their families.  These long-established living situations have strong ties with their communities and neighbors, more so than most group homes.
  • The most experienced and highly trained direct care workers in the Commonwealth are at the developmental centers, working with the most serious and complicated clients.
  • Don’t let the budget cutters break up the finest treatment centers we have for mental retardation!