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Charlene Richardson recognized for her ‘exceptional organizing’

North Shore Labor Council celebrates successes of RN, MNA staffer

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
November/December 2008 Edition

The North Shore Labor Council recently awarded Charlene Richardson, an RN and MNA staffer its “Exceptional Organizing Award” for her work on behalf of the MNA’s Patient Safety Act.

Richardson is the former Region 4 community organizer for the MNA’s legislative division. She is presently working as an educator in the organization’s division of nursing.

As explained during the ceremony by Jeff Crosby, president of NSLC, “Charlene poured her heart and soul into our Labor council and into trying to get this bill passed. She worked tirelessly with us and other community groups on the North Shore to make sure that we were filling out cards to our legislators, calling them and participating in direct lobbying efforts.”

Richardson was also responsible for making sure that key members of the North Shore community made it into the State House when the bill was up for a hearing. In addition, she was instrumental in lobbying both the House and Senate to get the bill out of various committees and onto the floor for a direct vote.

“The MNA ran a textbook campaign in order to get this bill passed,” added Crosby “and the organization could not have had a better person carrying out the field campaign on the North Shore than Charlene … we are grateful to have had her as a participant in our labor council and its women’s committee.”

Richardson received her award alongside state Sen. Thomas McGee (D-Lynn), who was recognized as “outstanding elected official.” Also on hand to help her celebrate was Rep. Mary Grant (D-Beverly).