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Question 1 plays Russian roulette with the health of patients acress the state

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
September 2008 Edition

Find out what will happen to
if Question 1 passes!

A question on the November ballot will completely repeal the state personal income tax. If it passes, this initiative will cost the state more than $12 billion a year in revenues, equal to 40 percent of the entire state budget.

A reckless, dangerous proposal Passage of Question 1 will:

  • Put the health care system and patients at risk by cutting funding for hospitals, public health and school nursing
  • Drive up local property taxes by further shifting the burden for essential services to cities and towns
  • Put the education system at risk by cutting teaching positions, leading to larger class sizes
  • Put the public safety at risk by cutting critical fire, police and emergency personnel
  • Have a devastating impact on our economy

If passed, this measure will force local communities to further raise property taxes to maintain local services. But even with significant property tax hikes, passage of this question will still lead to drastic cuts to local services, like emergency personnel, teachers, police, nurses and firefighters.

“Question 1 plays Russian roulette with the health and well being of patients across this state,” stated MNA President Beth Piknick, RN. “Most hospitals receive significant state money. If this question were to pass it would have a devastating impact on state facilities, public health departments, teaching and community hospitals and school nursing— not to mention how destructive it would be to the teachers, firefighters, emergency personnel and police officers with whom we work.”

Take action
In response to this threat, concerned citizens, service providers and health care and educational organizations have joined together as the “Coalition for our Communities” to educate people about the harm such an irresponsible proposal would cause. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pledge to VOTE NO on Question 1
  2. Sign up for e-mail from to stay informed. As volunteer opportunities arise we will contact you.
  3. Tell your friends, colleagues and family to VOTE NO on Question 1. Let them know you think this is a reckless proposal. Send them to and ask them to learn more and sign up to help as well.
  4. Get involved directly with MNA’s efforts to defeat this reckless proposal. Contact organizer Riley Ohlson at 781.830.5740 or