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As Boston Medical Center Posts Record Profits

As Boston Medical Center Posts Record Profits
Patients & Nurses Are Shortchanged

The registered nurses of Boston Medical Center’s East Newton Campus, who are negotiating a new union contract, are conducting an informational picket today to seek the public’s support in our effort to create conditions that restore this facility’s respect for professional nurses and that will allow us to deliver the first-rate care our patients have come to expect.

The Public Needs to Know:

  • Registered nurses deliver most of the clinical care patients receive in the hospital and numerous studies have shown that the most important factor contributing to your health and safety during your hospital stay is access to appropriate nursing care.
  • Inadequate staffing conditions and oppressive management practices are preventing this hospital from attracting and retaining the nursing staff needed to deliver the level of care our patients deserve.
  • After posting record profits of more than $74 million over the last 18 months and awarding CEO Elaine Ullian a 46 percent pay hike, the hospital is failing to provide the resources, education and nursing staff needed to ensure quality patient care.
  • BMC management demands the unrestricted right to “float” nurses from one area of the hospital to another where they may be unfamiliar with the equipment or procedures and may not be able to provide appropriate care. It is akin to asking a math teacher to also teach French. In the hospital setting, such practices can be dangerous.
  • Retiree Health – The nurses are seeking a retiree health insurance benefit at a time when competing in-town hospitals are providing the benefit to their nurses.
  • The nurses are seeking a competitive pay raise, respectful working conditions and appropriate staffing levels that will allow BMC to attract and retain the staff needed to deliver truly exceptional care.

The Nurses of Boston Medical Center Deserve Better
And So Do Our Patients

If you agree, call CEO Elaine Ullian at 617-638-6911
Tell Her to Be Fair to Those Who Care