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Income tax repeal: A reckless proposal that will endanger our patients

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
July/August 2008 Edition

A dangerous proposal will appear as Question 1 on the ballot in November which will:

  • Put health care and patients at risk
  • Force children into larger classes at school
  • Have an unknown impact on our economy

A question on the November ballot will completely repeal the state personal income tax. If it passes, this initiative will cost the state more than $12 billion a year in revenues, equal to 40 percent of the entire state budget!

If passed, this measure will force local communities to further raise property taxes to maintain local services. But even with significant property tax hikes, passage of this question will still lead to drastic cuts to local services, like emergency personnel, teachers, police, nurses and firefighters.

“The thought of this passing really worries me,” said MNA Vice President Donna Kelly-Williams, RN. “Most hospitals receive significant state money. If this question were to pass, it could lead to serious cuts and affect the services we provide. This is a reckless proposal that will endanger our patients.”

Unit 7 President Mike D’Intinosanto, RN added, “With most of our facilities already caring for the most vulnerable in our state with a skeleton crew, I am really concerned about the negative impact this proposal would have on our facilities and our patients who so desperately need us.”

“It’s hard to say what exactly is going to get cut, but I’m not comfortable playing Russian roulette with the health and well being of patients across this state,” stated MNA President Beth Piknick, RN. “Going around the state talking to RNs in state facilities, public health departments, teaching and community hospitals and in the public schools. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it will be for our members and our patients if such bad proposal becomes law. The impact will be truly devastating.”

In response to this threat, concerned citizens, service providers and health care and education organizations have joined together in the Coalition for our Communities to educate people about the harm such an irresponsible proposal would cause. For more information, please visit To become involved in the campaign for our communities, please contact Riley Ohlson at 781.830.5740 or at