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New ESSENTIAL School Health Grant Opportunity

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Community Health Access and Promotion is seeking applicants for the new RFR for the Essential School Health Infrastructure Grant (ESHS). The goal is to begin and/or continue to establish the infrastructure to provide all school-age children access to a school health service program. Bidders conferences will be held in late January. More information (including dates/ locations of bidder’s conferences) are posted on Comm-Pass. Follow these simple instructions:

The Notice of Intent has been posted onto Comm-PASS. (The grant itself has not yet been posted, but the Bidders’ conferences are on this posting. Please keep watching this website the next few days/week!)

To find your solicitation:

  • Go to
  • Click on the "Solicitations" tab; then "Search for a Solicitation".
  • Enter 900419 into the Document Number box,
  • then press "Search".
  • At the top, a sentence appears: "There are 1 Solicitation(s) found that match your search criteria." Click on this link.
  • Your solicitation will appear in a table.
  • Click on the eyeglasses that appear on the right side of the table.
  • Be sure to notice all of the tabs near the top: "Summary, Rules, Issuer(s), Intent, Other Information."

    (Please note: the closing date does NOT refer to the due date–this will be in body of the RFR when posted.)

Thanks for your patience!