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Update on new MNA emergency preparedness volunteer project

Thank you to the nurses who have responded to the new MNA Emergency Preparedness Volunteer project! Approximately 40 nurses from across the state—both MNA members and non members—have volunteered for the MNA’s “EP Volunteer” list. We are continuing to get requests, suggestions and volunteers nearly every day.

MNA has begun to maintain a list of contact information for nurses who have expressed an interest in volunteering in an emergency or disaster situation down the road. Should there be another emergency—such as with Hurricane Katrina—where a call for volunteers comes to MNA from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health or from another agency or organization, MNA will share this list of potential nurse volunteers. There is no obligation or duty to respond but this is a way to expedite the organization of a response.

The MNA also continues to sponsor an Emergency Preparedness Task Force that meets regularly to learn from each other and share ideas about preparedness.

We are passing along a suggestion from Leslie Carabello, RN, emergency preparedness & MRC coordinator for Region 3:

“I have been a public health nurse for nine years until recently when I became the emergency preparedness coordinator for Region 3a (14 communities from the areas of Ipswich to Amesbury). I am also a medical reserve corps coordinator for five communities.

“I work with local health departments to recruit, train and retain health care professionals and lay person to offer their expertise in helping their community during times of emergency. These volunteers also help during times of non emergencies such as flu clinics, blood drives, road races and health fairs.

“I would like to encourage nurses and other health care professionals to volunteer with their community’s or region’s MRC. These units offer training and a community effort to support their own town’s public health infrastructure, which is the core reason for the formation of MRCs. The Amesbury MRC has been in existence for about 1½ years, of which I have come on board since September. I worked in Region 4a prior to this one and that region too is growing their MRC by leaps and bounds.

“I am so excited about this corps and would encourage all health care professionals to give of their expertise and assist their own community.”

To find the closest MRC to you, go to and click “Find MRC Units.”

For more information on the MNA project, visit our Emergency Preparedness page or contact Mary Crotty at MNA at 781.830.5743, or Chris Pontus at MNA at 781.830.5754,