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Who wants to be a millionaire? These hospital CEOs are close

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
October 2006 Edition

By Joe Twarog
Associate Director, Labor Education & Training

For those who may have missed the article in the fading days of summer, the Boston Globe reported on Massachusetts hospital CEO’s salaries on Aug. 31. The account was both enlightening and depressing. It is important to remember that most of these hospital executives are the heads of so called non-profit institutions.

Let the numbers speak for themselves. Here is an adaptation of what the Globe reported, with additions. Roll the tape! Now we know why they are all smiling.

Gary Gottlieb
President, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Gottlieb’s compensation package grew from $935,009 to $1 million, a healthy 6.9 percent increase.
Robert Haddad
Former president, Caritas Christi Health Care
Haddad received $932,870 in salary and benefits as chief executive of the hospital system operated by the Archdiocese of Boston, until he was forced to resign because of charges that he sexually harassed women in his office.
James J. Mongan
CEO, Partners HealthCare
Mongan’s compensation surpassed $2 million, with $1.17 million in salary, a $350,000 bonus and $150,000 in deferred compensation. He also received a $350,000 contribution to his retirement plan.
  Ellen Zane
President and CEO, Tufts-New England Medical Center
Zane received a total of $1.05 million in 2005. During 2004, when she was chief executive for only eight months, she received $590,131.
Mark R. Tolosky
President and CEO, Baystate Health
Tolosky’s package increased to $1.24 million, up from $1.03 million in 2004, the year he was promoted to chief executive. That represents a 20.4 percent increase.
  Elaine Ullian
CEO, Boston Medical Center
Ullian’s compensation increased from $885,901 to $1.37 million, which translates into an incredible 54 percent increase.
David M. Barrett
President and CEO, Lahey Clinic
Barrett’s package increased from $945,031 to $1.25 million, an increase of 32 percent. This included $518,000 in benefit payments.
  David J. Trull
President and CEO, Faulkner Hospital
Trull received $590,379 for fiscal year 2004 in salary and benefits and deferred compensation.
Peter Slavin
CEO, Massachusetts General Hospital
Slavin’s compensation rose from $884,422 to $1 million, a 13.1 percent increase.
  James Mandell
President and CEO, Children’s Hospital, Boston
Mandell received a compensation increase of 9.9 percent which inflated his salary from $978,955 to $1.07 million.
Norman B. Goodman
President, Brockton Hospital
Goodman received a whopping 34.7 percent increase in salary from fiscal year 2003 to 2004—which brought his salary up to $737,660.
  Michael Jellinek
President, Newton Wellesley Hospital
Jellinek made $723,312 in Fiscal Year 2004 (Oct. 1, 2003 through Sept. 30, 2004) which are the most recent records available.
Paul Levy
CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Levy received a 4.5 percent increase, boosting his salary from $957,477 to $1 million.
  John O’Brien
President and CEO, UMass Memorial Medical Center
John O’Brien, the chief executive of UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, received a 38 percent increase in compensation — bringing his salary up from $920,000 to $1.27 million. Ironically, he is currently demanding 50 concessions from the UMass nurses who are in contract negotiations, including cuts in health insurance, pensions, sick days and personal days