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Nurses recommend Patrick/Murray

The Massachusetts Nurses Association PAC and its Board of Directors have recommended and endorsed Deval Patrick for Governor and Tim Murray for Lt. Governor.

On November 7th Massachusetts voters will elect a new Governor and Lt. Governor. This election is critical to front-line staff nurses.

The next Governor:

  • will have the power to sign into law or veto the safe RN staffing bill,
  • holds tremendous influence and power in the appointment of key positions in government that impact nursing and health care: commissioner of the department of public health, members of the board of registration in nursing, and key health care policy makers,
  • is the employer of nearly 2,000 registered nurses and health care professionals working in our state health and human services system. Under the Romney/Healey Administration this unit has gone 3-years without a contract, and has had to fight back constant efforts to dramatically increase their health insurance premium contributions, alter their pension and dismantle their collective bargaining rights and benefits.

Deval Patrick and Worcester Mayor Tim Murray bring a new approach and new ideas to Massachusetts state government. Deval Patrick supports the House passed redrafted safe RN staffing bill. The Romney/Healey Administration issued a statement of opposition during the House debate and candidate Healey refused to answer an MNA questionnaire or attend the MNA interview.

Deval Patrick on the House passed redrafted safe RN staffing bill:
“I supported this compromise – and conveyed this support in a number of public forums. Though that compromise did not move in the Senate, I look forward to working with the MNA, legislators and others to revive it.”

Deval Patrick on patient safety and nursing care:
“My conversations with the Board and other members of the MNA, my own research, and my family’s experience have convinced me of the need to address the staffing crisis confronting nurses and their patients. As I stated in my MNA questionnaire, “‘Recent patient care studies highlight how nurse understaffing leads to increased rates of error, complications, lengths of stay and readmissions. I believe hospitals and their nursing staffs should work toward the best staffing ratios to serve patient needs.’”

Tim Murray: A Friend of Nurses
Worcester Mayor Tim Murray has strong record of support for working people, for organized labor and for quality health and human services for the city of Worcester. Mayor Murray has consistently advocated for the concerns of nurses and their patients. The nurses of St. Vincent Hospital have long admired Tim Murray since his days as a City Councilor when he regularly walked the picket line with the striking nurses and for his ongoing support for improved staffing and working conditions for nurses. In addition, Murray has been a strong voice for nursing care and patient safety issues at the Worcester area hospitals and worked to reach a fair contract for the Worcester Public School Nurses. We have consistently been able to turn to Mayor Murray for support and understanding of the issues that nurses and patients face

Healey plans target MNA members and their patients
Lt. Governor Healey recently unveiled her 50-point plan for Massachusetts. In that plan are several items targeted at MNA Unit 7 registered nurses and health care professionals including dramatic increases in state employee health insurance premiums, and elimination of the defined benefit pension system. Under the Romney/Healey Administration this unit has gone 3-years without a contract.