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Staff RN Alert: Don’t be fooled by hospital industry impersonators on Safe RN Staffing bill

Inaccurate mailing to RNs and deceiving phone calls at home

During the past week the hospital industry opposed to H. 4988, the Safe RN Staffing bill, has tried to mimic work we have done and we don’t want you to be misled by them:

  1. A mailing went out to RNs from a front group for the hospital industry. The mailer contains inaccurate information about the safe RN staffing law in California, mistruths and lies. Please don’t be fooled by their fiction. Here are the facts about the Safe RN Staffing Law in California and how it is working. Please see the facts below.
  2. Utilizing this small rogue nurse organization the hospital industry is also calling RNs at home to ask them to call their state senator in OPPOSITION to the Safe RN Staffing bill. Please don’t follow their directions on this. We are also doing these calls but the caller is clearly identifying themselves from the Massachusetts Nurses Association.