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Nurses and health care professionals come together to hold veterans and those who serve them


On November 11, the nurses and health care professionals who care for veterans at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home held a press conference at the entrance to the home to honor the veterans and to point out the lack of progress in contract negotiations with the state. These professionals are among the 1800 represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association as part of the states’ Unit 7 bargaining unit.

RN Irene Patch, a local and statewide officer of the MNA, started the event by honoring the veterans who are residents of the home. Patch described the types of services provided by nurses and other health care professionals at the home and spoke of the increasing difficulty they have retaining and recruiting experienced staff due to the low pay. Patch called on the governor and lieutenant governor to spend as much time in negotiations as they do on their respective campaigns. She finished by saying, "They fought for us and we will fight for them."

Also speaking were a member of the Governor’s Council and a veteran.

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