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Pollution Prevention

As part of our Purchasing for Pollution Prevention program, INFORM has posted a series of fact sheets on our web site with information on switching from lindane to less toxic alternatives for lice and scabies treatment. Lindane, a persistent bioaccumulative toxic substance (PBT), is frequently used as a prescription treatment for lice and scabies.

Use of lindane (gamma hexachlorocyclohexane) is banned in many countries around the world because of its potential to build up in the environment and living things. The governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States have recently begun meeting to consider whether the use of lindane should be further restricted in North America. Lindane is still widely used in the US, particularly in institutions, for lice and scabies treatment.

INFORM’s fact sheets explore lindane’s toxic characteristics, recommend alternative control and treatment methods, and review the risks associated with alternative lice and scabies treatments. They may be of particular interest to staff at prisons, hospitals, schools, and other facilities where lice and scabies infestations are common.

The lindane fact sheets may be accessed directly at

If you need more information about lindane or have comments on the fact sheets, please email me directly at