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Complaint of improper claims handling against an insurer: Form 130 now available at the Division of Industrial Accidents

From the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter
April 2004 Edition

By Evelyn Bain, M Ed, RN, COHN-S
Associate Director/Coordinator, Health & Safety

Injured nurses often contact the MNA Health and Safety Program with concerns and issues about claims handling by Workers’ Compensation insurance companies or third party administrators. It was recently brought to our attention that a specific form and process is in place at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents that can be used to address these issues. Form 130, may be used to report specific complaints or concerns against companies who handle Workers’ Compensation.

You can request Form 130, Complaint of Improper Claims Handling Against an Insurer, by calling 800.323.3249, extension 470 or the form can be downloaded at the DIA Website,

The DIA says that "the purpose of this form is to request the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), Office of Claims Administration to conduct a preliminary investigation into the claims handling practices of an insurer. Upon completion of our investigation you will be notified of our findings. Please note: the DIA can only determine if the matter should be further investigated by the Division of Insurance. The DIA can not award damages or any type of award or compensation to a complainant."

Be sure to discuss your concerns with your attorney if you plan to use this form. Keep a copy of everything related to your injury and your claim for your personal record.

The MNA Congress on Health and Safety has developed a brochure to help injured nurses and others who have been injured at work and are involved with the Workers’ Compensation system.

For a copy, contact the MNA Health and Safety Program and ask for the brochure, Workers’ Compensation for Nurses and other Health Care Workers.