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Campaign RX: Help Make Universal Health Insurance a Permanent Right for Everyone

Help Make Health Care a Right for All

We are asking you to support the Constitutional Amendment Campaign to make comprehensive and affordable health insurance a permanent right for all. We are seeking endorsements from individuals and organizations to build support for:

  • upcoming legislative hearings,
  • the Constitutional Convention votes 2005: and
  • the statewide ballot vote in 2006.

Join the 10,000 Nurse Campaign

The MNA has launched a campaign to mobilize 10,000 nurses to sign onto this important campaign.

You can also visit the campaign website by following this link:

This campaign will create a powerful tool in our collective work for affordable access to health insurance – a clear and direct mandate from the voters that they want the Legislature to make sure everyone in Massachusetts can get the affordable coverage that means real access to quality care.

Unlike laws enacted by the people, the Legislature can’t repeal or ignore a constitutional amendment – only the people can repeal it. Language in our state constitution guaranteeing every child an education ultimately forced massive education reform – an amendment guaranteeing every resident affordable health insurance will do the same.

The amendment will not only be a political, legal and moral engine for change. It will "lock in" affordable, comprehensive coverage – preventing the deep cuts to vital coverage, health services and public health programs that we are seeing today.

In November 2006, the voters will create a clear and inescapable legal obligation to fulfill the mandate for "comprehensive, affordable, and equitably financed health insurance coverage…"

We hope you will take 3 minutes to endorse the campaign now if you have not already done so. Also, please help spread the word by forwarding this email to others who would be interested in this exciting campaign for health insurance reform.

Thank you again for being a part of this historic campaign.

Barbara Roop, JD, PhD :: Co-Chair
John Goodson, MD :: Co-Chair
Ann Eldridge Malone, RN, MSN :: Campaign Outreach Coordinator
Robert Gaw
Sandy Eaton, RN
Michael B. Carr, JD :: Campaign Manager