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Kudos to the State Senate for their vote today to override Governor Romney’s veto of budget language to protect Worcester State Hospital

The Senate cast a vote last night that rejects Governor Romney’s misguided attempt to close Worcester State Hospital, a vitally important psychiatric hospital providing a variety of services to some of the most vulnerable mentally ill residents of the Commonwealth.

Special thanks go to State Representative Vincent Pedone and State Senator Harriett Chandler, who both worked tirelessly to preserve Worcester State Hospital. And thanks go to all the legislators who joined them in standing up for those most in need. For those who have made calls to the legislature over the past several months in this campaign, now it is time to make one more call to thank our elected leaders for their courage and commitment.

And last but not least, congratulations to all the members of the Coalition to Save Worcester State Hospital, including the dedicated staff at the facility, the many community leaders in Worcester and beyond who lent their voice and influence to this struggle, to our Congressional Delegation, especially Congressman Jim McGovern and his staff who weighed in on this issue, and to the media for giving this issue such fair and comprehensive coverage.

This is an example of good government in action, protecting those who can’t protect themselves!