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More than 50 organizations begin workplace mobilization for reform…

Tens of thousands of workers to unite on June 5 for "health care for all!"

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Across the commonwealth, tens of thousands of workers and community activists will be putting on stickers on June 5 calling for "health care for all." The coordinated workplace actions are an unprecedented protest against threatened cuts in medical benefits and health care services. The campaign links the anger that workers and retirees feel about losing benefits and paying more for basic services with a movement to improve the way that health care is paid for and provided.

More than 50 organizations with a combined membership of nearly 200,000 are participating in Health Care Action Day. A list of participants is attached.

The broad display of support for reform is the culmination of an intense period of membership education about the impact of cuts in health benefits and how the financing crisis can best be addressed by providing affordable and secure basic coverage for everyone. Only a publicly-financed health care plan that covers everyone will have the clout to control costs by reducing bureaucratic waste and inefficiency.

The groups are working together under the banner of the community-labor coalition Jobs with Justice. The action was planned by the coalition’s Health Care Committee.

Several of the participating organizations will hold grassroots events to coincide with Health Care Action Day workplace activity. Events will be held in Braintree, Marlboro, Lynn, and New Bedford. A list of the events and contact people is also attached.

The Jobs with Justice coalition is planning future health care action days with broader participation and more militant tactics.

A list of workplaces where union members will be wearing stickers and a background paper about how cuts in employee health benefits and services are fueling a movement for reform are available from Rand Wilson at the above number.