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MNA 2002 Elected Officers & Board of Directors

Vice President:
Patrick Conroy

Janet Marie Gale

District Directors:
Patricia Healey
Edith Harrigan
Stephanie Stevens
Jeanine Hickey

At-Large Director, Labor:
Sandy Ellis
Denise Garlick

At-Large Director, General:
Liz Joubert
Margaret O’Malley


Congress on Health & Safety
Terri Arthur

Bylaws Committee:
Elizabeth Kennedy

Congress on Health Policy & Legislation
Connie Hunter
Marilyn Crawford
Sandra Hottin
Joanne Bartoszewicz
Donna Kelly-Williams

Congress on Nursing Practice:
Philip Donohue
Mary Elizabeth
Amsler Marianne
Chisholm J. Sue Myer


For further information or questions please contact Rosemary Smith, Director of Membership at 800.882.2056 x741.