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Massachusetts Nurses Association Endorses Lois Pines for Lt. Governor

Cites her record on health care and nursing issues

CANTON, Mass. — The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), which represents more than 20,000 registered nurses and health care professionals in Massachusetts, announced its endorsement and support for Lois Pines for Lt. Governor, citing her strong record in addressing complex health care issues, her expertise and advocacy on issues of women’s health and preventive health care and her longstanding support for nurses in their efforts to improve care to patients, including her support for the regulation of registered nurse staffing levels.

"The MNA is behind Lois Pines because she has a proven record on a variety of health care issues and because of her unique understanding of the role nurses play in the health care system," said Karen Higgins, MNA President. "Through her years as a legislator, Lois Pines has distinguished herself in the nursing community through her efforts to enhance the scope of nursing by promoting important revisions to the Nurse Practice Act, and her heroic efforts to take on the managed care industry by legislating the prohibition of drive-thru deliveries."

Among Pines’ accomplishments, the MNA cited:

  • Her commitment to a comprehensive women’s health agenda, including a breast cancer program encompassing outreach, education, free mammograms, and the nation’s first state-funded, peer reviewed breast cancer research providing individual grants to young scientists to encourage their research in the breast cancer field;
  • Osteoporosis Prevention Program: the nation’s first state-administered osteoporosis education and outreach program; and
  • Tobacco Control Initiatives: the state’s innovative tobacco control and education program.

In addition to prevention, the MNA cites Pines’ commitment to make health care accessibility a priority. "As a legislator, Lois consistently advocated for affordable health care for all," Higgins said. "As Lt. Governor, she’ll bring these priorities to the corner office and the MNA is committed to helping her get there."