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Nurses Needed to Join a Massive Rally on April 30, 12 Noon, Boston Common Grandstand to Protest Pending Cuts in the State Budget

Attention MNA Members and Supporters of MNA (Especially members from MNA Unit 7)
We Need Nurses to Participate in Rally and March to Demand a Humane State Budget

DATE: Tuesday, April 30
TIME: 12 noon,
PLACE Boston Common Grandstand

Organizers of this event are looking for nurses to volunteer that day to be on hand in case participants experience health problems. If you are attending and wish to volunteer, contact Andre Guillenin at 617.480.0659

Organizers are also encouraging nurses to bring their petitions for safe staffing legislation for signatures at the event.

United We Stand for Public Health and Many Voices One Message, a broad coalition of advocacy organizations who are fighting for a humane state budget, will hold a rally and march to protest the legislature’s consideration of more than $2 billion in cuts to the new state budget. The cuts will disproportionately affect people of color, services to the elderly, affordable housing, public health, substance abuse rehab, job training, day care and after school programs, even school breakfast programs. More than 3,000 people are expected at this event. For more information, call the Union of Minority Neighborhoods at 617.983.9596.