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RN Attacked by Patient Goes to Trial on Assault Charges

On Monday, Feb. 4th, one of our members will be going to court (see details below) for a trial on charges of assault against a patient who violently attacked him and another nurse last year. The MNA Task Force on Workplace Violence has rallied around this nurse and others who have been viciously
attacked on the job. We are encouraging nurses who can make it to attend the trial to support our colleague and stand up for the protection of nurses and health care workers.

As you may be aware, nurses are assaulted as much as prison guards and police officers. The MNA takes workplace violence seriously and is working hard to pass legislation to mandate health care facilities to develop plans to prevent and deal with this problem. We also have a bill that would make assault on a health care worker a felony. The MNA is also attempting to
pass safe staffing legislation to deal with this issue, as short staffing is one of the key causes We have also been working with the Justice system to educate them about workplace violence and to change the attitude of some judges who have told nurses in similar circumstances, "it’s part of your job."

DATE: Monday, February 4, 2002
PLACE: Quincy District Court
The Court House is on Chestnut Street, just past Quincy Center

For directions to the Court House call 617.471.1650 and use the voice prompt.

Members of the MNA will be meeting outside the Court House about 8:45 AM, and will be wearing red stickers that state "In Healthcare Or Anywhere, Workplace Violence Is NOT Part of the Job"