Safe Staffing

We have a disturbing crisis in Massachusetts hospitals. Registered nurses are being forced to care for too many patients at once, and patients are suffering the consequences in the form of preventable errors, avoidable complications, increased lengths of stay and readmissions. The Patient Safety Act calls upon DPH to set a safe limit on the number of hospital patients a nurse is assigned at one time. In addition, the bill calls for staffing limits to be adjusted based on patient needs. It also bans mandatory overtime and includes initiatives to increase nursing faculty and nurse recruitment.

In both 2006 and 2008, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the Patient Safety Act by overwhelming margins. We are continuing to fight to get this important legislation passed in the Senate.

This page contains a wealth of information to assist nurses and other supporters of safe patient care in advocating for the passage of the Patient Safety Act.

Are hospitals putting patients first?

When hospitals don’t feel the immediate threat of legislative action to set a safe limit on how many patients a nurse cares for at a time, are they still putting Patients First? Check out the Just Ask site to see what your hospital says about your staffing levels. Let your legislators know if your hospital is being understaffed!



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